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About Us

Real Estate Investing Focused on Financial Freedom, Generosity, & Stewardship

Calvary Capital is dedicated to acquiring value-add multifamily investments in the Phoenix, AZ area. Our mission is to provide our investors with attractive returns while revitalizing and improving communities through our investments.

Panoramic shot of the city of Phoenix, Arizona with the mountains in the background.

How It Works

Calvary Capital specializes in acquiring undervalued B & C class multifamily properties in Phoenix, Arizona. We focus on "Value-Add" projects where we can create significant value through physical and operational improvements. Here's what the process looks like:

Step 1

Our team finds and negotiates the purchase of a multifamily property.

Step 3

The business plan is executed and the property is managed effectively.

Step 2

We raise capital from limited partners to fund the deal.

Step 4

Investors receive cash flow from the on-going production of the property.

The 5 Things We Look For

Nature shot of Phoenix, Arizona. Image by Kyle Kempt


Properties located in the Phoenix MSA. Strong long-term growth potential and a favorable business climate for real estate investors.

Multifamily apartment in Phoenix, Arizona. Image by Philippe Gauthier

Asset Class

B and C class multifamily properties. Reliable occupancy rates and present opportunities to add value through renovations and other improvements.

The dry wall of a bedroom being renovated. Image by Nolan Issac

Age of Asset

We look for properties built between the 1960s and 1990s. These properties often have good bones but require updates to keep up with modern amenities and resident preferences.

Bright, airy bedroom with white duvet, modern bedside table, and woven overhead light. Image by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd.

Unit Mix

We prefer properties with a mix of one, two, and three-bedroom units. This allows us to attract a wide range of residents and increase our revenue streams.

Bright white kitchen with marble waterfall countertops. Image by Im3rd Media

"Value Add" of Property

We seek properties that have potential for value add improvements such as unit upgrades, common area renovations, and energy efficiency upgrades.

Why Phoenix?

The Phoenix market has been—and continues to be—on the rise in several areas...

Population Growth

Phoenix ranks #5 in the nation for population growth.

World Population Review


Phoenix added over 100,000 jobs since the pandemic.

Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Rental Demand

Phoenix has an average rent of $1,464 as of June 2023.

Apartment List

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