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Shot overlooking Phoenix, Arizona city and mountains. Image by Kyle Kempt

Multifamily Real Estate in Phoenix, AZ

Providing quality housing for residents while maximizing returns for investors.

Who We Are

Calvary Capital is a multifamily investment firm that's hyper-focused on the Phoenix Metropolitan area.


As natives of Phoenix, Arizona, we have a thorough understanding of its market. This allows us to identify opportunities that others may overlook, helping us to control the process from start to close.


For this reason, we're able to guide our investors from volatile decisions, generate streams of cash flow, and grow their personal wealth.

Shot overlooking the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Image by Colin Lloyd

Stewarding Your Money for Maximum Return

Calvary Capital was founded in 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona by two former college baseball teammates, Brock Burton and Nico Burgarello.


With a deep passion for real estate and the Phoenix market, Brock and Nico are looking to add value to the community while growing the wealth of investors.


At our core, we believe that stewardship is a fundamental principle that should guide everything we do as real estate investors. This includes not only the assets we acquire and manage, but also the finances and resources we use to support our communities.


What Others Are Saying

“Investing alongside Brock and his team is a no brainer for me and I'm actively invested in over 874 units. Competency and Integrity are at the core of who Brock is and he's proven that through his work time and time again."

Josh Ferrari, Founder of Ferrari Capital (65MM AUM & 874 units)



Investing In Your Future

Step 1

Fill out the form below. We'll set up a brief call to go over your objectives and form a trustworthy relationship.

Step 2

After our conversation, we'll add you to our investor list and send you opportunities as they arise.

Step 3

Enjoy the benefits of Multifamily Investing! Our team will be here to support you throughout the entire process.

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